Our Routes

From Jinja to Entebbe*

Departs Jinja/Bujagali @7:30 arrives Entebbe @12:00

Departs Jinja/Bujagali @13:30 arrives Entebbe @18:30

From Entebbe to Jinja*

Departs Entebbe @05:00 arrives in Jinja @12:30 

Departs Entebbe @14:30 arrives in Jinja @19:00 

Departs Entebbe @23:00 arrives in Jinja @12.30 following day

(Overnight stay in Kampala- not included)

From Kampala to Entebbe

Departs  Kampala @10.00 arrives Entebbe @12.00

Departs  Kampala @16.15 arrives Entebbe @18:30

Departs  Kampala @01:30 arrives Entebbe @02:30

From Entebbe to Kampala

Departs  Entebbe @5.00 arrives Kampala @6.30

Departs Entebbe @14.30 arrives Kampala @16.00

Departs Entebbe @23.00 arrives Kampala @00.15


Fares, Per Person, One Way, Between:
Kampala -Jinja $14 or UGX49 000

Kampala-Entebbe $12 or UGX42 000

Entebbe-Jinja* $24 or UGX84 000





Kampala pick up locations

Bushpig Backpackers

Fat Cat Backpackers

Oasis Mall ( for Red Chilli)











Please be on-time for your departure from your pick up point. We are not able to wait and there are no refunds for delays on your part.


We do not tout for business at the airport, in Jinja or en-route. For this reason we may be able to alter departure time slightly at our discretion to suit booked guests.


In the event of an airline delay your ticket is transferable to another time but not refundable.


We allow plenty of time for our journey and avoid the most congested routes.


The responsibility for booking any connecting services is entirely with the customer.

* One change on route


Book your day return trip in advance and save 10%

One way

​​Pick a one way route between Entebbe and Jinja.

Point to point
Break up the trip between points for stops.

Jinja pick up locations

Any location within Jinja Town or Bujagali